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Make It Happen Music

BY founder & Friend~Preston Bell Charles III~YOUR Violinist

This is what I know to do , when there is something that needs to be done.......

"To better life through music", the world is in need of a binding force that is positive and able to motivate the people of this world to be ready; for the challenges ahead."

Educate ourselves, in our ability to communicate, hence "musicate"!!!

I have been playing music since I was able to read, at the age of 4. My family was very supportive and allowed me to learn the flute, piano, and other instruments before I chose the violin. It was challenging but opened up doors to the world that may have not been possible without them.

I have a strong passion for all types of music and, what the art form and means of expression can do for our society.

The goal, is to revitalize the love and creativity of live music, real music, music for the heart, and soul. Unfortunately the world is becoming more accepting of songwriting and playing that has deep wounding impacts on all community fronts. I am here to make a difference, and combat negativity in a variety of forms with this gift!

"Music is the universal language, thus all problems can be solved with good communication".

- Preston Bell Charles III